Access the Spirit Realm for your business. Discover the Heavenly Business Complex, and all the help and resources you can get there.

  • Receive the destiny scroll for your business

  • Establish your legal documents

  • Clean up any liens against your business

  • Engage your heavenly associates

  • Build your business mountain

  • Activate your mantle and throne

  • ...and more!  Heaven is always surprising us!

Individual Options Available Now

Team and Group Options Coming Soon!

* The professional services and training resources provided by BAS Global and Spirit-Centered Business are typically considered BUSINESS EXPENSES in the USA. Confirm with your tax professional.

Spirit-Centered Business ACCELERATION Pkg
This Heaven-crafted Package includes the Foundational Elements to get you Accelerated into the Business Destiny you were designed for!
4 1:1 Sessions with Bralynn, plus the
Declaration of Trade Masterclass

1. Personal Liebust:

Break free from lies and slime that hold you back.  Let go of poverty mindset, understand your incredible worth and take the limits off your creativity!

2. Liebust Your Business:

Get unstuck, clean up anything impeding your progress, unlock resources and heavenly assistance.

3. Set Up Your Declaration of Trade

Properly claim your right to do business in the spirit realm.

4. File Your Paperwork and Set up Your Trading Floor

Activate your business from heaven, meet your assistants, and more…Holy Spirit led!