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Let heaven help you break off personal trauma and generational blocks to your success.  We also remove barriers to the flow of abundance, creativity, resources and more for your business, land or event.


Bralynn is a certified Level 5 (highest) Liebuster, and that’s the tool that has provided astounding results for her clients.  The Liebusting process is different language to achieve freedom the way the courts of heaven process does.



  • Get Unstuck/Unblocked

  • Break Curses/Wealth Blocks

  • Release Flow of Creativity & Resources

  • Unlock Abundance

  • Re-ignite Passion!


What We Do:

  • Bloodline cleansing

  • DNA/RNA/genome reset

  • Land redemption

  • Break through income plateaus

  • Situation or Condition clearing (Such as hope deferred, or poverty mindset)

  • Event or Industry unblocking

  • Transition smoothing and clarifying

  • Timeline recalibration

  • Integration of stuck parts (YES - even a business can have stuck parts, such as a bank account that has been abused, or that traumatic event when it was 2 years old.)

  • ...and more!  We just let Heaven lead.

* The professional services and training resources provided by BAS Global and Spirit-Centered Business are typically considered BUSINESS EXPENSES in the USA. Confirm with your tax professional.

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