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We help businesses build from the top down rather than from the ground up. This distinction is vital to powerful, accelerated growth so you can maximize the strategies we unveil.

The Heaven Down paradigm is ideal for small businesses, Mom & Pop operations, entrepreneurs, working moms...all types of scenarios!

Our Services


Access the Spirit Realm for your business. Discover the Heavenly Business Complex, and all the help, protection and resources you can get there.

Individual, Team and Group Options


Let heaven help you break off personal trauma and generational blocks to your success. We also remove barriers to the flow of abundance, creativity, resources and more for your business, land, region or situation.


Get ongoing coaching on how to create a scalable, leveraged, sustainable revenue stream…based on your unique message and voice.  We’re there with you as you implement and activate. DONE FOR YOU services also available.*


Stuck, frustrated or confused? We can coach, advise and train your staff to manifest and maximize the strategies of Heaven and help get your business flowing with ease and joy.


We have trained business advocates that you can employ as corporate intercessors & corporate spiritual advisors to keep your business and personnel on track.


BAS Global provides training and activation in the Heaven Down paradigm for business and team building. We will customize the training we bring to you for your industry.


We will definitely be booking a session on the strategy, business plan and name. We will never go back to doing things backward.


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