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Advocate Services

We help businesses build from the top down rather than from the ground up. This distinction is vital to powerful, accelerated growth so you can maximize the strategies we unveil.

The Heaven Down paradigm is ideal for small businesses, Mom & Pop operations, entrepreneurs, working Mom's...all types of scenarios!

Our Services

Our Services

Is your business stuck? We can coach, advise and train you or your staff to maximize the strategies from the Heaven Down business building style and help get your business unstuck.


BAS provides training in the Heaven Down paradigm for business building. We can even customize for you events for your type of business, i.e. real estate/property development, online marketing, etc.


We provide ongoing consultant services to help you stay on track with your goals and strategies. We can provide per session, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual check-ups to keep you on track.


Allow our experts to help you develop your business's strategic style. We can help design a working plan in line with the Heaven Down model to grow your business.

Trained Advocates

We have trained business advocates that you can employ as corporate intercessors & corporate spiritual advisors to keep your business and personnel on track.


BAS also provides personal advocate services to help you personally stay on track with the Heaven Down paradigm. You may want to get your personal life unstuck - we can help.


We will definitely be booking a session on the strategy, business plan and name. We will never go back to doing things backward.



Ready to find out more?

We would be pleased to schedule a private consultation with you to discuss what we offer and how we might help you. Visit our scheduling link below to discover more about booking your private consultation.


If you simply have questions please complete the Contact form below that. We would be happy to clarify something for you.

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