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Heaven Down Solutions
for Your Business


Non-profits and ministries need to be diligent with excellence to survive in today's climate. The Heaven Down model can help you truly accelerate your corporation to be all it can be.

Arts & Media

The Heaven Down model is especially geared to those in the arts and media arena. We have worked with screenwriters and producers to free up the creativity in their personal and corporate settings. We can help you as well.


Learning how to thrive (not merely survive) in today's economy is essential for those in the education arena. Let us help you discover potential roadblocks and clogs in your institution so you can make the impact you desire to your marketplace.

Real Estate/Land & Property Development

Knowing what properties to invest in or stay away from is essential. The Heaven Down approach seeks out the potentially problematic areas in real estate issues so you can have maximum profit and growth in your projects. We stand ready to help.

Retail Sector

Whether brick and mortar or internet-based, you want your business to succeed. Let us help you discover the hindrances to your business success and help you move forward in business and in life.

Ready to find out more?

We would be pleased to schedule a private consultation with you to discuss what we offer and how we might help you. Visit our scheduling link below to discover more about booking your private consultation.


If you simply have questions please complete our Contact form. We would be happy to clarify something for you.

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